SWS Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

SWS is now able to offer Ultrafast Fibre Broadband in Shrewsbury. These connections use fibre all the way to your property, enabling us to deliver much faster speeds than other fibre connections.

Call us on 01743 627027 to check whether your postcode is eligible for an ultrafast fibre connection

SWS has been delivering broadband to rural Shropshire since 2005 via our fixed wireless access network. We are delighted that we can now offer an ultrafast fibre service to more urban properties and are looking forward to growing this part of our business.

SWS Ultrafast Fibre Broadband





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Our Ultrafast Fibre connection can deliver up to 1Gb – upgrade your speed at any time.

If you work from home, stream video, play games online, download large images or files, the speed advantage offered by an ultrafast fibre connection could be invaluable by reducing download time and eliminating buffering and lag.
Let us know – we might be able to help you leave a contract if your provider isn’t delivering the service they promised.
Tell us when your contract is due for renewal and we’ll contact you in time for you to consider your all your options before renewing.
All SWS Broadband connections offer unlimited data so you’ll never find your connection restricted or have a nasty surprise in your invoice at the end of the month.
An SWS Ultrafast Fibre Broadband connection doesn’t need a landline and supports all VoIP phone services – transfer your landline number to a VoIP telephone provider.
We supply a pre-configured router capable of delivering your new ultrafast speeds to your devices – you can use your own router if it’s compatible, we will provide the necessary configuration details to enable internet access though your new SWS Broadband connection.
We will advise how to overcome any ‘not spots’ within your property after installation. Any boosters or extenders you currently use should be compatible with your new SWS connection but may need configuration tweaks for optimum connectivity.
Your contact with us doesn’t end as soon as you’re installed; we’re here to answer any queries and help resolve technical issues for as long as we’re providing a service to you. Contact us by phone, email, via our website or facebook page and you’ll be connected to our office in the Shropshire hills where our a member of our team will answer your query.
SWS holds Gold Standard Accreditation from both INCA and UK WISPA through demonstrating that we operate to the highest standard of customer care and good neighbourhood in the industry.
We value every customer and our well established customer support procedures help us deal with queries and complaints quickly and effectively.
Curious? Interested? Contact us via our website, facebook page, email or telephone. Our Shropshire based team are here to answer your questions.