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Secure Web Services (SWS) Broadband network is a collaborative fixed wireless access (FWA) network delivering reliable high speed broadband to properties in Shropshire since 2005.

Connections of 30Mbps+ are delivered over low power, line-of-sight radio you don’t even need a telephone line to use it.¬†The connection speed you select is the speed you receive with an SWS Broadband connection.

With an SWS Broadband connection  you will be able to access BBC iPlayer and other streaming/gaming services, WiFi calling or a Vodafone SureSignal, O2Boost Box or similar improve or extend a mobile phone network within your home transferring your landline to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is as straightforward and a very cost effective alternative to a standard telephone service.

SWS Broadband equipment is such low power that the radios have to be in true line-of-sight to work and an obstruction eg tree or another building can degrade or completely obstruct the signal. SWS works hard to locate the optimum position for the broadcast radios, relaying from property to property to help connect less visible buildings when necessary.

Using Google Earth and other mapping software, combined with our knowledge of the area we are often able to determine if we are able to connect your property to our network without the need for a site survey.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to arrange installation.





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