Connections requiring more than 30Mbps, further than 9km from the connecting mast or where the customer radio cannot be installed on the building requiring connection are classed as non-standard and may require a customer contribution. We will carry out a no-obligation survey and quote prior to installation.

High Speed Rural Broadband

Fast & Flexible

Up to 30Mbps connection, upgrade or change your package at any time.


No download limits.


Combine an SWS Broadband connection with a VoIP telephone package to make savings.

Rural Broadband

With a flexible SWS Broadband connection you can browse the internet and check emails at the same time as downloading or streaming TV and movies or playing online games, you can improve/extend your mobile phone coverage and even transfer your existing landline number to a VoIP provider. You’ll be able to maintain a reliable and secure VPN connection while working from home and benefit from faster file sharing and data transfers.

Superfast Broadband where other providers cannot reach

Delivered over low power, line of sight radio you won’t need a telephone line for broadband or phone calls. SWS Broadband delivers consistent and reliable high-speed broadband to residential and commercial properties in Shropshire.


30Mbps+ connections available
5Mbps upload on all packages


No data download limit
generous 5Mbps upload


From £26/month
(10Mbps package)

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Ultrafast Fibre Broadband - £49/month