We have had our connection for a month now, and I thought it appropriate to drop you a note to say thanks.
For the first time we have a reliable, quick Broadband connection and it really is great.
No problem in the snow, but it was little temperamental when we were in low cloud. No criticism, just thought that you might like to know.
Look forward to a long relationship. Even if fibre were to become available round here, my inclination would be to stick with you.

It really is great…

I had a company trying to sell em new broadband today… I had to say “No, I’m happy with my service provider”. they tried to offer me a lower price. I said “you can offer me free internet and I still wouldn’t be persuaded. Where else can you have a problem at 9pm and have it sorted by midday the next day and have a familiar face to fix it for you?”.

I’m happy with my service. . .

Thank you for raising the height of our relay pole today and calling in to check the signal speed is back at 15mbps.

It is refreshing to be dealing with a company that does what it says, when it says, and actually turns up on the planned day.

It is refreshing. . .

For me, one of the main upsides of dealing with SWS is that they are local and although they might be a small team, the service is friendly, professional and courteous. Any issues you report either via email or voice message are replied to personally and in a timely manner.

Friendly, professional and courteous

We strongly recommend SWS. Should any of your potential customers wish to contact us they are most welcome to do so.

We strongly recommend SWS

We farm some 1,000 ft. above sea level, we pick up your service from a mast some several miles away. Your service is efficient in all weather conditions and at any time of the day. We feel it is very good value for an excellent service.

Very good value for an excellent service