SWS provides Next Generation (Super Fast) Broadband using Terrestrial Fixed Wireless technologies. For us to successfully deliver a service, there must be a direct and unobstructed 'Line of Sight' (LOS) between your property and one of our relays or masts. The need for a good LOS is due to the higly focussed, very low power radio waves transmitted between the antenna. Obstructions which may appear as insignificant as leaves on a tree can degrade the signal sufficiently to make it unuseable.
If SWS is concerned about the possibility of obstruction, we will perfom a 'no obligation' site survey before proceeding to schedule an installation.
This tool is for reference only. If it is not possible to identify a clear Line Of Sight from your property to a relay or mast, regardless of the fact that your property may lie within a deliverable distance shown on the map, we may not be able to provide you with a connection without a new relay or mast location.
Superfast Broadband Available Solutions Being Implemented Solutions Under Review